Catching Up

Many blog worthy events have occurred lately. And no blogging. So here's a catch up post. For the celebration of my daddy's birth, the departure of my best friend to Singapore, lots of skiing fun, pirate island, and stormy weather.

My dad is really hard to get gifts for. So for his birthday Sam and I made him a birthday cake. How original right? But it wasn't any birthday cake.

Here's my father. At 2 years old . . .

I used his mother's cake recipe and made him one just like he had when he was little! Recognize the candles?

I think most students would agree that Saturdays are a priceless commodity. A whole day without classes to catch up on homework. That's always been my philosophy. And what better semester to dedicate my Saturdays to something other than homework than the semester during which I'm taking the most credits I ever have and am planning a wedding? Thanks to Sam who patrols at the Canyons I found myself trading in Saturdays of painting for skiing. And it has been really fun. I'm not regretting it yet.

A couple weeks ago my mom, Lily and Nanette joined us for powder day. (Lily didn't have time to stop skiing and take a picture with us).

And last week I got to hang out in the hut with Sam and play with the patrol dog.

My best friend of 17 years left me for the country of Singapore a week ago. (Actually she's in Provo ironically enough). I had the great opportunity to be at her setting apart. And it was really really great. And it made me sad to see her leave. But I am so happy for her. She is going to have an awesome time preaching the gospel in the hemisphere that she loves.

(this redhead beauty will soon be joining Mikelle in the ranks of missionary in Texas. Can't wait to live across the street from jilli while she's in the MTC!)

Heard of Groupon? One of the greatest things that ever happened. It led us to a Pirate Halloween Cruise in October and Pirate Island last weekend. Sam rocked Pop a Shot. Watch out Ricardo 'the busboy'!!! Set a record! And I did alright at Guitar Hero. But the jump rope game definitely isn't my thing. And did we make a haul? Oh yeah. 37 tickets= 4 tootsie rolls, a plastic popper, and two pirate tattoos.

And now allow me to commentate on the past 24 hours. I thought I had it bad when I rode my bike home in the rain and arrived to the apartment soaking wet with alarmingly red hands.

Little did I know that at the same time Sam was driving down Parley's Canyon in horrible conditions. Another car came flying down the canyon, lost control, spun across all the lanes and had the misfortune of meeting Sam's front right bumper. Sam called me- he was fine, the car was fine. Okay good. We stayed at my parent's house and right before bed the power went out. What an adventure. It stayed out all night and into the morning. Then in the morning Sam, Harry, Sarah, Jared, James, and Casey headed up to snowbird. (or tried to). We thought the car was fine. But it broke down on their way up there. And Nanette and I were commissioned to save them.
What a crazy fiasco! The car still remains in the spot that it broke down. Oh--and they still went skiing. Nothing gets in the way of a powder day.

That's life for now! And off to a wedding dress fitting. . .

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