2015 Review Part III

Sam's parents drove up to visit us in September. Sam was pretty busy with work the whole time they were there. We drove up to the Olympic Game Farm near Port Angeles. You buy a loaf of bread and drive through the farm feeding yaks, llamas, bears, buffalo, and several other animals. It was pretty crazy having these big animals stick their heads in the car window. Scout had no fear and loved feeding them. I feel bad that most of their diet is probably bread!
Priest Point park just south of us. I love all the thick, fern covered woods here.

The shirt I made for scout to announce baby number 2 to family.

Scout and I went on a dinner picnic to pass the evening while Sam worked a long day. So grateful for the time I get to spend with her.

The beginning of October we went to Oahu for a week. We stayed with our friends from medical school who are stationed there for residency and had so much fun. Scout loved spending a whole week with her dad after he had a couple really demanding rotations and she is the biggest water baby. I think it was one of the best weeks of her life so far. We had fun revisiting our favorite places and exploring some new ones.

This Halloween was Scout's first time trick or treating. She was all about walking to the doorstep and getting free candy but a little shy about saying "trick or treat". We picked out a pumpkin from a patch nearby and Sam and I carved them while Scout painted hers. I went to Salt Lake for 10 days over Thanksgiving. Sam joined me on Thanksgiving and flew back home a couple days later. Scout had so much fun with her cousins Lily and Nevie. We went swimming at the rec center, and went to the Discover Center at the Family History Center downtown.

Another quick visit from Sam's parents right before my birthday. We went out to eat in Tacoma and took them to Chambers Bay where we saw porpoises swimming around.

Scout loves seeing the fish and animals at Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop.

On a chilly walk.

Scout with her friend Finn.

We survived 8 days without Sam while he completed training in Texas. 

I had my anatomy ultra sound while Sam was in Texas and wanted to find out the gender of the baby with him so the ultrasound tech put this photo in an envelope and I opened it with Sam over FaceTime. I was ecstatic that it is a boy! 

I got the 3D ultrasound for the first time. Kind of weird but pretty crazy!

For Christmas I flew to Boise a week before Sam. Once again, Scout had the time of her life with cousins. Unfortunately we'll probably remember this Christmas as the Christmas where everyone got sick. We passed around a horrible stomach bug. I got it on Christmas Eve and by a true miracle was feeling much better on Christmas Day. Scout is finally on the tail end of it and we're so glad to be done with that. We put Scout on skis for the first time and she totally loved it. The second Sam got off the magic carpet with her she would yell "ski! ski!" It was really cold but she didn't care. She just wanted to keep going and ski fast. We finally got to meet Harry and Sarah's baby Rhett and Emma's fiance, Zac. Scout was Ellie's shadow the whole time we were there. If Ellie walked away from her she would run after her yelling "Ellie! Ellie! Ellie!". She was also best buds with Grandpa the whole time.

We had a wonderful year! Its amazing how much changes in a year. We live in a new state and have a toddler instead of a baby. We're so excited for a new baby to join the family in the next year! Happy New Year!