Recognize those eyebrows?

I had a dress fitting last night in Salt Lake. Jillian came up with me then we went to Cafe Rio for dinner afterward. Right before we were about to order Jill looks over towards the doorway and gives a HUGE gasp. I looked around expecting to see some person from the high school or something. Then Jill says "Its the evil girl from the bachelor!!"
I think I reacted as subtly as Jill. But after that we kept our cool. Especially when she got in line RIGHT behind us with her parents. I whipped out my paparazzi skills and discretely snapped a photo of all three of them as I ordered my salad.
I filled up my drink next to Michelle. And had to reach over her to get a straw. And she said "Sorry". Which obviously means she's sorry for how she acted on the show. And I thought "Wow. . . I said a lot of mean things about you watching you on TV. "


  1. oh my heck....the only time i liked her was on the 'girls say it all' or whatever one....you are so popular

  2. yes!! I am stealing this photo by the way. look out for a copycat blog post.