What do pirates wear to keep warm in winter?

A Paaaarrrrrrrka!
I just spent my entire plyometrics workout thinking "i really don't have time for this--i need to paint and decide what classes i'm going to register for. . .!" Now I'm blogging and listening to Harry Potter . . . NOT painting OR deciding what classes to register for. priorities. eh.
Well while we're here, let me share a great story with you. Familiar with 'groupons'? Well about a month ago I got an email from Sam at 8am which was a forward about the provo river halloween cruise with 2 tickets for the price of one and a message: "looks kinda weird . . . wanna do it?" i replied with an enthusiastic yes. Well, later that day I got a phone call from my mom. She was really excited. "Wanna go on a cruise?!!! I got you and Sam tickets!" oooooh great. . . . "mom. . . sam bought us tickets for that this morning." So there we were. With four tickets for the provo river halloween cruise. As enthusiastic as I'd been about going on the boat ride I knew I didn't want to go twice. So we shared the tickets with Harry and Sarah.
As we walked down the boardwalk to the boat I got butterflies because I was so excited. I am 5. Needless to say it was epic. The boat had a steering wheel and a motor but why use that when our "capt'n" can pull us on a rope the entire time? And why do two more rides the end of the night when you can cram everyone onto the boat at once. . . even if you have to (wait . . . get to) sit on each other's laps. We went about 10 feet in one direction then turned around and were ambushed by a pirate. that's right, one pirate. One pirate who gave us candy and told us jokes. Frightening, I know. I'd like to say it was everything I'd thought it would be and more. . . but it was basically everything I thought it would be. But totally worth it.

. . . Oh, notice my 'beveled' foot? This is just a pose we learned from the good ol' Paul Winkleman during Thorougly Modern Millie three years ago. Good to know I still do it.


  1. Bevel. BEVEL! You with the long legs, why aren't you beveling?? Bend! Peacock legs, BEND!! Faaaabulooouus!

    His voice will never leave my head.

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