etiquette and bowling

Sam and I went to an etiquette dinner put on by the BYU Alumni. We had a four course meal and got to meet some new people and learn what silverwear to use and how to work a room and be successful in more formal or business-like social situations. It was pretty cool!

We then went to the bowling alley to practice our etiquette. However, the meal provided at dinner wasn't very filling so we were starving. We ordered a buritto and gulfed it down throwing everything we'd learned out the window.
Bowling was fun. I'm horrible at it. Sam however is very good (as usual). This was probably one of the last times I'll hang out with Mikelle before she leaves in 6 days!!! (ironically she's "leaving" to Provo and Sam and I will be living right across from her in April!)


  1. love. :]
    i will be your guys' butler any night!

  2. we are so cute! I'm going to miss all of us hanging out like this :(

  3. oh i love us!! i'm going to miss you guys. we'll go bowling when i get back.