Thank goodness for brothers in law (brother in laws?) who spend the time and effort to get your photos off your corrupted SD card. Thanks Ben! Last weekend we took Friday off and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather wasn't great (like snow . . . ) but we made the most of it.

Sam picked me up at my internship downtown and we tried out Billy's gourmet hot dogs.

Then headed up to the park. (This was like the 10th time we took this picture. Guess its hard to drive and smile for a pic?)

Entering the park:

We spent some time by the river trying out our skills on the monkey bars. . . 

Ya . . . arm strength and gloves would be nice. . . 

Hung out at the condo (we're totally putting this picture in Ellie's wedding video)

went on a few (very cold) morning runs.

avoided calving elk

Enjoyed the hot tub after those cold runs

Had fun with our nieces

Solved the cold rainy/snowy day problem with some thrifting

Some studied. Some painted. 

We ate great food. Like HUGE jalepenos. (oh wait, it was a bell pepper. thanks safeway)

Egg ham cups


Salted caramel shortbread and blue bell ice cream (drooling yet?)

Reese's peanut butter rice krispy treats (holy cow)

Enjoyed some lovely May snow . . . 

Explored Rocky Mountain National Park . . . 

tried to do Brook's pose and still look cute. Success?

frowned when it started snowing again . . . 

protected Ellie from the terrifying squirrels

Ate lunch at Bear Lake

Smiled when it cleared up again.

Until next time Rocky Mountain!


  1. That was such fun! We need to go again :) And thank you for capturing that shot of Ellie... wow... it's incredible.

  2. reese's peanut butter rice krispy treats?! what the goooodddnesss?! i need that recipe asap.

    1. I pinned it on pinterest and tagged you. If it didn't work just look at my yummy food board. They are heavenly.

  3. Oh Hi - total creeper here. Turns out we have mutual friends and I stumbled onto your blog and then realised you were Sam's wife! I knew Sam in his Freshman year. Long story short, really happy he found a proper catch of a wife and you guys look cool!