no one mourns the wicked

Well. Bad news. My SD card is being STUPID so these will be blurry pictures taken of my camera with my phone. I don't know why a 4 gig SD card up and decides to not let you put any pictures on your computer or look at them on your camera. That's what you get for making an extra effort to use a real camera instead of your iPhone. Not cool.
Last Tuesday we headed downtown to see the musical, Wicked. We ate dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery then enjoyed the show on the very last row. Actually, chairs behind the very last row. I actually liked our seats. We got to put our feet up on the railing and had a nice bird's eye view. This was my third time seeing Wicked (lucky girl). The first was in New York with two best friends in middle school. The second on choir tour in Chicago my freshman year of highschool.  It was time to see it again. I was not disappointed. I don' t think Sam was either. Ever since we found out we were going he's made me put "Defying Gravity" on repeat multiple times. He was like a kid in a candy shopping watching that song live.  It was so fun. Better continue the tradition and see it again in 5 years. London?
Update! got the pictures off!!!!


  1. Matt LOVED Wicked too. We definitely need to go again! You are a lucky girl! :)

  2. Are my legs really that White!?!?!