Squatty bread and professional sports

My mom has been making bread for my family for as long as I can remember (we've been over this). When my parents came to Colorado in November my dad looked at one of my loaves of bread and told me it was 'squatty'. (Thanks Dad, I know my bread will never be as good as mom's). Well, today my bread came out big and tall and not squatty. I'm moving up in life. 

The past week felt like a big weekend. In other words, it felt a little bit like summer (despite some rain and cool temperatures). Sam's friend, Justin stopped here a few days during his drive from Chicago to San Fransisco. Last minute, I joined them for a Rockies Game downtown. We all enjoyed some time at the pool as well. 

There are baby bunnies everywhere right now. I wish you could tell how tiny this thing is.

Thursday morning I embarked on a hilly, head-windy 50 mile bike ride west-ward along the E-470. It was during that time that I swallowed and realized my throat was sore. NOOO! 

It didn't bother me too much on the ride (compared to the wind and my low supply of gatorade). But Friday morning I was feeling worse so with the counsel of my father and Sam's warnings of rheumatic fever, we helped some friends move, then found ourselves at the same urgent care I visited in February. Both a mono test and strep test came back negative (hallelujah!). Out go the tonsils if I get strep again. 
Friday night was a late matinee of Hunger Games, a BBQ at our friends' new house, and re-runs of House in our Pajamas. 

Saturday I woke up early for the YW's garage sale only to walk over and find out it had been canceled. This allowed some early morning playing in the rain by myself. 

We attended a second BBQ Saturday afternoon and met Ben and Dena at the Dick's Sporting Good's Stadium for a Rapid's Soccer game. My enjoyment of viewing sports scale has baseball, football, and basketball on the 'please don't make me watch this' end  and volleyball, swimming, and soccer on the 'actually cheering and sort of understanding what's going on' end. So I enjoyed the game. We got free meals with our tickets. (3rd hamburger in 2 days-I'm avoiding ground beef for a while). 

I ended the weekend just right by accidentally using Sam's toothbrush.

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  1. I used to hate watching all sports, except a select few Olympic events- now I actually enjoy football and baseball and soccer.... it's weird for me. It will probably come for you :)