This is my mom--After biking 100 miles yesterday as a "training ride" for the 100 mile race we're doing in a few weeks. She called me last week saying how she'd woken up at 5, done weights and a spinning class at the gym, then saw how beautiful it was outside and decided to go on a hilly ride along the wasatch range. I send her a picture of the 4 loaves of bread I've just made and she sends me a picture of the 12 she just made. She's the most productive, efficient, hard working woman I know and I'm grateful for the example she's set for me. By the end of this life she'll have done twice as much as anyone and all of it will have been for other people. Love you wonder Wendy. Happy mother's day.


  1. I told you your post would make me cry! What a sweet tribute. You are my sunshine! xoxoxo

  2. Amen and amen - Wendy is a wonder!