If I had a million dollars

white road bike
skiis of my own
mountain bike
Blend Tech Blender
Digital SLR
Pure black german shepherd puppy
3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment w/garage

We've been entertaining the idea of getting a dog. It would be a good running partner and would help me feel safe and un-lonely as Sam embarks on military and residency adventures for the next 10 years. Problem is, we have to move if we get a dog. And hardly anyone allows dogs in apartments (unless you wanna pay monthly). I think about how much a dog would cost and what comes to mind is those other things listed that I also want/need (need, right?). But then I see someone running with their dog or playing with their puppy and I am so jealous . . . that 3rd floor apartment is sounding real good right now as I listen to the children above us screaming.

this guy is freaking sweet, right?

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