Ya know? The song from the wedding singer soundtrack? About Idaho? No? Well, anyway. We found ourselves in the gem state last weekend to celebrate the marriage of the most awesome(est?) couple ever. Harry and Sarah.
We flew out Wednesday night with Ben, Dena, and the girls. We waited at the airport about an hour before our flight left. This is the first of many Sam sleeping pictures:
Brook found Dena's tanning goggles.


We spent Thursday preparing for the reception and luncheon at the barn with all the little sheepies. 

Everyone should have popcorn at their reception. Lots of popcorn.

Dena and I helped arrange flowers. (I'm quitting my job to become a florist. I'm reaally good).

Thursday night we drove to Twin Falls and stayed at a hotel (more like took over the hotel). Friday morning we went to the Twin Falls LDS Temple for the ceremony. We took pictures outside then headed back up to Boise for the luncheon.

      And slept on the way . . .

I guess I didn't take any pictures at the luncheon. They had a BBQ picnic theme with checkered table cloths, apple pie and icecream, etc. Sam's mom put together the whole thing and did an amazing job (as usual). The food was so good.The reception that night was awesome. Good food again. 6 words: soft serve ice cream and popcorn. Asparagus wrapped in steak, pear pizza, stuffed mushrooms, fresh fruit. 
This photo is recreated from our honeymoon where there was also free soft serve:
It was so great seeing friends and family we hadn't seen in a while.
Mack caught the garter

I brought my camera and was so careful to even bring the charger and ended up forgetting an SD card. My camera's built in memory will hold like 5 pictures (except it just occured to me I should have made them a lower resolution so I could take more). Anyway, that explains the shortage of photos.
Brook and Elle had a blast with the videographer and photographer, Casey and Bryan. (As before mentioned, Casey is an awesome photographer if you're on the lookout.)  
I am so excited and happy for Harry and Sarah (I can't tell you how many times I've said Sarry and Harah this weekend). I was actually sad the day after their wedding cuz they took off on their honeymoon and we didn't get to spend anymore time with them the rest of the time we were there. So selfish, right? 
Anyway, the rest of the weekend was full of soccer games, bowling, sushi, sunday walks, hyper card games, naps, wedding food leftovers, and Dena eating a lot (hee hee Deen, I'll take the picture off if you really want me to). Also, I probably shouldn't even bring up the bowling. Let's just say, my score the first game was 22 . . .

We loved spending time with the Douglasses (I honestly don't know if that is the correct way to make my last name plural) and hope we find ourselves in Boise for a few rotations in a year. Thanks for hosting us and putting on such a great wedding for Harry and Sarah. We already miss you guys!
Oh yeah. Our flight left at 6am this morning. 4:30am did not agree with me all day.


  1. 2 things: 1) I realized when you said 'Sarry and Harah' that that is how I had been reading that in my head and 2) Douglasses could be pronounced Dou-Glasses. Those sound like they could be a cool fashion statement. That is all.

  2. I'm good with the pic- it's me in my most natural state. Although, I have to argue that I did NOT eat alot! You just caught me at the right moment!!!!