What's going on here?

Is Jillian . . .
a.) saving us from Kim's bad breath?
b.) sobbing because Kim had to get braces again?
c.) trying to smell Kim's nose?
d.) forcing food down Kim's mouth?

While any of those would be weird, Jill was trying to smell Kim's nose. Kim broke her nose on Saturday and has to wear a cast. And for some reason Jill felt the need to see what it smelled like. However, it took about 10 minutes and 40 attempts before Jill could finally do it without laughing. And much to her dismay, the cast bears no odor. Much to your disadvantage (or maybe your advantage) I've been banned from posting the video of this attempt. But let me just say, it brought much laughter.


  1. let me just say, in my defense and contrary to what this post demonstrates about me, I am not a freak. and i am not crazy.
    even though it may seem that way. :]

  2. you look so beautiful jenna! 2 weeks baby..2 weeks.!