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Despite the constant snow, today I am feeling REALLY good. Art has been frustrating me a lot this semester. It's felt like a burden and a pressure. It's felt forced. But this week for some reason things have taken an upswing. I love art. I am so grateful for it. I'm grateful for the education I have received at BYU. The BFA program here is really amazing. The teachers appreciate us as artists and give us really good exposure to contemporary art.

I got a talent award this week! Sam and my parents came to the awards ceremony and I showed them my painting of Jillian that is currently up in the student show.

We also stopped by at the opening at the MOA. I've been to lots of shows in the art center of the world--NYC and I'd have to say this is up to Par. Go see Adam Bateman's book installation at the BYU Museum of Art. It comprises 80,000 books stacked on top of each other. That is a TON of books. (Really though, It weighs like 30 tons). I really loved walking around the exhibit with Sam and my parents. Art is something that I eat, sleep, and breath at school and its so refreshing and rewarding and fun to share it with people that I love and watch them enjoy it and take part in it. At the exhibit my dad told me he doesn't think I am weird enough to be an artist--That I don't dress weird enough. Haha. I have to admit sometimes I feel out of place in the art world (well BYU's mini art world). There's definitely a certain mold that people fit in terms of dress and culture. I'm an individual though and know I don't need to fit the mold to take part in the contemporary art world.

At BYU in the BFA we get an incredible experience that is only available to graduate students in other schools. Each week in the studio seminar class a national or international artist comes and shows us their art and talks about it. We then have the option of signing up to have a studio visit the following day during which you bring your art and get to talk one on one with that artist about your ideas. I didn't take advantage of this opportunity until the last couple artists came and now I wish I had done it every week! This week was John O' Connor. His art is all about systems. He was such a chill guy and he helped me develop some really exciting ideas concerning my final show in august. His enthusiasm, interest and excitement about my art was a big confidence booster. (I'd say 95% of the time I feel like my art is not that great or relevant). But I was really happy to meet with him and now am so excited to put together my final show for the next 3 months!
I don't think I've been the most positive person this semester. Stress has gotten the best of me. But honestly? I have really great friends. One left on a mission and boy do I miss her so. But Kim and Jill are so great. They're part of the reason I've gotten through this semester. I'll miss our slumbers where we put our mattresses in the living room, trying not to laugh during roommate prayer, and the three of us all laying on one person's bed at night or in the morning.

And as much as I don't like reading other people gush about their significant other on the internet Sam really is so great. How did I find someone so incredibly perfect for me? Someone with so much potential who will push me to great heights in my life. And my mom? Talk about super woman. She has planned this wedding. And she has worked so hard. I think I might be dead without her. (well I would be because she birthed me . . . ). But everybody is helping with this wedding and is so generous. And its only two weeks away. Woo hoo! Life is so so great right now. I know that I will look back on this time fondly and see that I had so much help from friends around me and the mighty one above. But in the present I really can't wait for two weeks from this very day. There has been so much preparation. I'm ready to do this thing and celebrate!

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