THE problem

So i think everyone has experienced a roommate who has never touched the dishes (except to make them dirty). Really not the biggest deal in the world. But sometimes it can be so frustrating. And it gives you urges to do the most uncharacteristic things ever. The fantasies that have popped into my head to solve the problem:

a.) chuck a ceramic bowl at her door
b.) put her dirty dishes in her room (i've had a roommate do this to me)
c.) leave all her dishes in the sink FOREVER (cuz that's how long they'll be there if you don't do them)
d.) unload (or load) the dishes REALLY loudly early in the morning when she's asleep.
e.) put a big neon sign above the sink that says CLEAN UP YOUR CRAP!

I can only admit to actually having done d. I've had enough self control to avoid the rest. But oh, have I been tempted.


  1. Hopefully your new roomate will read this post and remember to do his dishes :)

  2. I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile but i've been too scared so thanks for doing it for me :)

  3. Bahaha. we once left my roommate's dirty dishes in the sink over christmas break, and covered that half with tape. something fermented in there, i swear. we left a note: merry christmas! do your dishes!