Ask me the last time I cried. . .

Oh, last night. The roommates and I went to the midnight showing of the final Harry Potter. I've always been a little disappointed in the movies. This one was AMAZING! Harry actor actually stepped it up. And Hermione was really impressive. Ron has always been great. If you haven't read the books, read them before you see this. Or you just won't care. And you need to care. Please read Jill's post to find my favorite parts. Because they were basically the same as hers. I have been reading the books for all of October and November with the goal to finish before this premier. And I only got to the middle of the 5th. But I came to the conclusion that I love Hermione. And she was especially good this time. Especially when B.L. was torturing her. I wanted to step on Bellarix's face. But I need to talk about when Dobby died. . . because I reacted about the same way someone would if their favorite real life person died. (ok, maybe not THAT bad) But I was really upset. Dobby is just this little innocent house elf. And he is so brave. And he loves his friends. And Bellatrix Lestrange can go eat slugs.
there were huge hp7 posters all over the subways in nyc. thank you big apple.


  1. I cried so hard when Dobby died. Seriously, when the next movie comes out I know I am going to need a huge box of tissues because I will cry from start to finish.

  2. I feel ya Jen. We should have been sitting next to each other because we were the only ones crying over Dobby.