t.w.e.n.t.y. o.n.e.

I've always felt really clever calling the day before my birthday 'jenna eve' cuz my middle name is eve. Anyway, this years november 8th was the best birthday i've ever had . . . and it wasn't even my birthday yet (nov 9). When I walked into my apartment after class I had a little bit of a surprise . . .

A bike (made from an old schwinn frame that sam completely took apart, fixed up and put back together), a plane ticket to idaho, a certificate for as many art panels as I want, a blanket, a dozen roses, and tickets to the first presidency christmas devotional all scattered throughout my apartment along with pictures of Sam and I. Sam. Is. Amazing.

Then he took me to dinner to Tucanos! My first time there and it was sooo good. And as if he hadn't already done enough, he then (with the help of the amazing brittany barney) threw me a surprise party at his house!! It was so great.

I went home I went to bed but the fun didn't end there . . .due to an ongoing tradition I was awoken by my roommates a little after midnight with a giant chocolate chip m&m cookie with candles on it. After which followed consumption of the cookie and my 'birthday interview' during which I disclosed how I felt about the 21 years i have lived and what the next year will bring.

On my actual birthday I went to Zupas for lunch during Sam's lunch break. Then ate fish tacos with my family in sandy. My dad made me a chocolate cake totally from scratch just like his mom used to. James gave me a really cool book of LIFE photographs. And I got the Diana camera I've been lusting after for a looong time.

Following the celebration Sam dropped me off at the airport for a red eye flight to NYC!!

I have the best friends and family in the world. 21 isn't looking so bad. . .

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