Giant Peeping Tom

Let me share the weirdest experience ever. So here I am, sitting on my bed working on some homework. We live on the second floor in our apartment. So imagine how I reacted when i turned around and saw a man standing outside my window. I screamed and pulled the curtain shut and ran into the kitchen. Then realized there is a scaffolding on that side of the building. They are speaking spanish now . . . So I am hopeful that they didn't understand the "oh creepy!!!" part of my scream.


  1. :] this was really funny, in case anyone who wasn't here wants to know. it was.

  2. what the heck!!! that is way creepy but i could see how that would be funny. Sad im at stupid work and had to miss this

  3. Eek!! I remember one time I was doing the laundry late one night and I turned around and there was a man just standing outside the window. I screamed the loudest I ever had in my life, I've also never ran faster up a flight of stairs haha