We went to a federal medical conference in Seattle for 5 days at the beginning if November. Lately good weather follows wherever we go. It didn't rain once the whole time we were there! That humidity sure makes for a while different kind of cold though. 
We were kinda low key about sight seeing. My favorite thing was pike place market. We went there everyday. Sampled as much cheese as we could at Beechers and bought the best apples in the world. I also broke pregnancy rules and ate seafood everyday. 
Sam had his own presentation at the conference and rocked it. (In front of the chief surgeon of Germany I might add). He was presenting about the use of simulation in medical training. One of the days he dressed up in a cut suit (basically a big suit you wear that is just like the human body inside and will bleed and hemorage) and had a chest tube put in. I realized how insane it is that soldiers have stuff like that done to them with no medication! 
I checked out the antiques market and some art galleries while we were there and loved the foster/white gallery. Now I'm rooting for Sam to do his residency at the military base in Tacoma, although I haven't decided yet if I can handle 225 cloudy days a year after the 300 days of sun Denver gets each year.

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  1. I loved reading this post because Tacoma is seriously are very top choice for residency. Dallin is going to try for ENT, and that is one of the 4 spots. We are doing a rotation there next summer. That would be awesome if we both lived there. Congrats on the baby!! It is the best. You are glowing!