Washington DC

Sam and I lived in DC for the month of September while he did a research rotation at Walter Reed for the 45 days of active duty that he is required to fulfill every year. We stayed in a basement apartment in the cutest neighborhood you can imagine. While Sam was at work I painted and took some trips the museums on my own.  We filled our weekends when Sam wasn't working with trips to DC. I don't know how anyone chooses what they want to see when they only have a few days in DC. We were there for over 3 weeks and still didn't see nearly everything! The best part was that all the museums were free! We had a really really really awesome time.

We dominated that crab. 


Sam's chicken and waffles
my gyro

Sam had a really pretty walk to work.

Painted a lot of hours while we were there.

It's possible that I required more than one dinner some nights. This was the second of one.  

And so sometimes I tried to eat healthy. BTW, these are my favorite GF crackers.

Air and Space Museum

National Zoo

Hanging out by myself at the National Gallery


Just the first of many times we ate here

Portuguese food!

Sam looks really really happy because we had just eaten authentic Portuguese food and he spoke portuguese to the waiters. 

I'll take a bagel dog AND a bagel.

Thanks for making GF cupcakes, Georgetown.


Lebanese Food

Yeah, we went to Georgetown Cupcakes a lot.



The gems section was my favorite. Amazing such colors exist in nature.

Hi Mr. President.

The Eastern Market is amazing.

Changing of the guard. It's unreal to me that there  is someone protecting the tomb of the unknown soldier 24 hours a day 365 days a year, regardless of weather.

Sam and Calvin trying out the throne.

Founding Farmers. New popcorn flavor each day. Eat here.


You would think we really like cupcakes. We actually don't. We just kept finding GF ones. 

Courtney and Calvin drove out from NC to hang out with us. Thanks guys.

Baked & Wired. These were by far the best cupcakes we had. Mostly because they tasted more like a piece of cake.

Sometimes this is the only way you can watch the game.


Any high quality photos in this post were taken by Courtney. We have a 7 megapixel point and shoot so . . .

knitta please!

Sam loves America

CIRQUE DE SYMPH a la Kennedy Center:

Old Glory BBQ in Georgetown. I still think Joe Morley's is the best BBQ in the world.

taking a phone call in front of the Capitol


Is anyone not fascinated by venus fly traps? I would like a pet one. (Can I call a plant a pet?)

MY FAVORITE PRESIDENTS' PORTRAITS: (Clarification: These aren't my favorite presidents, just my favorite portraits . . . )

Sam was really offended that the TV screens in Idaho just showed potatoes. I say its Idaho's own fault.

Our last stop before flying home. We're really nice because we brought people cupcakes.

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