Back in Utah

We've only been back from DC a little over a week. Of course its been an insane week. Not 12 hours after we got back we signed the lease on a townhome and moved most of our stuff in. Sam is currently rotating with a family practice doctor in West Jordan who has been out of town all but 2 days so we've spent all our extra time shopping at Ikea and working on projects at our new place. Here's some pics of a few other things we've managed to squeeze in since we got back.
Ellie with Uncle Sam. We miss seeing these girls all the time!

Our 4 hour Ikea trip. We bought a bed, a crib, and a kitchen island.

I can't get over the view of timp from our house. 

Lily and my mom went through the Halloween costumes and surprised me with this brunette little girl.

Like I said . . . 

In between GC sessions at Brighton girl's camp.

Before I was pregnant I thought I'd be really good at taking a weekly 'bump' photo. I didn't anticipate how awkward it is. . . 

I don't hear anyone complaining about fall. I guess they forgot its followed with winter. Loved seeing snow on the peaks when we got back from DC.

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