Quick Trip

We went to Utah for Memorial Day weekend. And we met this girl:

And most of the "socializing" I did was with this girl who loves the trampoline:

My parents got back from Jerusalem a couple weeks ago and shared the goods. I fixed Lily's X and Q in her alphabet. They were previously a K and O. We celebrated Ben's birthday.

We spent a night at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird and went skiing on Saturday. I have never skied that late in the year and the texture of the snow was so weird! It was fun to ski in though. We went swimming right after. 

Ben and I helped my dad plant corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and herbs in the garden. I'm the most loyal because I stayed out there until the very end.

My mom has equipment to do gel nails so Nan and I hit that up. Lily joined in on the fun.

My dad made me a gluten free dairy free lemon boysenberry pie on Sunday. Couldn't tell a difference. And me and Lily had a whole pie to ourselves.

We got tacos and went to the Real Game Saturday night. Lily really wanted to see Leo the Lion the whole time. I took her down to the bottom of the stadium and she got to high 5 him!

On Monday morning my mom and I went on a bike ride. We came home and ate breakfast then went on another bike ride with the whole family. We put Nevie and Lily in the bike trailer and rode along the Draper Trail. I got to see Mikelle for a minute.

It was a really fun weekend. We were lucky to be able to have everybody home for a few days (that only happens at Christmas time). I loved seeing Lily and Nevie. Parting with Lily was a little bit sad. We ate at Setebellos and as we were walking out I was carrying Lily. Here is the conversation we had:
Jenna: Lily, Sam and I are going back to Colorado now.
Lily: I come!
Jenna: Ok. Tell your mom you want to come.
Lily to Nanette: I going to Colorado.
Nanette: Oh really? But you don't have a ticket.
Lily: Yes!
Nanette: Where?
Lily looks around touching her shirt and pockets then points at me.
Lily: Jenna has it.
Then we told her we had no ticket for her and she had a major melt down. 

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  1. What a fun trip! Lilly is pretty much the cutest little girl ever. :)