A visit home

I spent the first week of July in Utah visiting my family while Sam's gone. So . . . most my pictures are of Lily.  But that's probably who I spent the most time with so you'll get to enjoy an accurate (and incredibly cute) view of my time there.  I'll keep this post Sam style--mostly pictures.


Experiencing City Creek for the first time

So . . . Betsy and I went camping up the Alpine Loop. We BOTH had a dream that we woke up in the morning and the whole mountain was on fire. Well apparently we are prophetesses because what do you know. At 2:00 that day a fire started up there!

Patriotic Popcorn

biked/ran up this beast a billion times

Crestwood caught fire recently. All the trees are gone!

Thai Food :)

new addiction

the only fireworks display I saw . . .

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