Sam's 26th

This post will clarify why I haven't really posted in 2 weeks. I was so busy getting ready for Sam's birthday! I went a little overboard, I'll admit.
  Before he woke up I made him green eggs and ham and hid gifts around our house, then made him follow the clues to find all of them. He came out on top. I got him Dark Night, a mammut backpack for our Costa Rica Trip, an iphone (to replace his stolen one), a bike rear rack so he can finally use the panniers I got him for christmas and his new bike, his fave pair of jeans (Levi 511s), and headphones. My family sent him an awesome raincoat for Costa Rica and a North Face swimsuit. (Thanks!)

After Sam opened his gifts and went to school I had to move FAST. He kep frustrating my plans, at first by saying rather than school ending at 5 as usual, it would end at 12, then by wanting to just not go to school at all. I made him go to school. Once he was out of the house at 8 I had to clean the house, decorate and prepare all the food for his surprise party. Dena saved my life and went grocery shopping for me then helped me with the food and decoration. Sam texted me at 11:30 saying they were done early. Somehow Dena and I got everything done. In an effort to keep Sam away from the house all day I picked him up with our mountain biking gear and lunch.  We had a nice picnic outside then went on a little ride.

We got ready at Ben & Dena's and all headed to Dave & Busters. (per Sam's request).  I didn't tell him beforehand that that's where we were going. 

After Sam and Ben dominated at Pop-a-Shot I told Sam we had to get home because I'd made a crock pot cake and it said not to let it overcook.  He definitely didn't want his cake to burn so we headed back to the house.  When we got there all our friends were there! (Thanks so much for all the help you guys gave!) We had a fun St. Patrick's themed party with yummy food.  We played group Charades (funniest game ever).  

Happy 26th Sam! Love you!

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  1. you are SO creative!! Love all the St Patty's day food!