Oh. . . I do that?

We're always encouraged to get to know people better. But I don't think we're encouraged enough to know ourselves. To understand what our habits are and why we do and like the things we do.

I realized something today.  I got home from church today and saw the messy kitchen and house I had to tidy before sunday dinner and immediately wanted to go to the fridge or pantry and eat something. But I had to resist that urge because we're fasting today. I eat when I am postponing whatever it is I have to do but don't exactly want to! "I should paint right nowIthinkI'llhaveacookie" "Ok, time to get these dishes doneicecreaminfreezer" "I really need to work on the budgetbutfirstsomechocolatechips"
What a horrible habit! It will stop. I promise. I didn't even know I did that. But now I do. Done.

And since no one reads blog posts without pictures (let'sbehonest). We went skiing yesterday. Spring skiing. (bleh). But better than staying at home.

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