Kony 2012

Uh. . . the fact that I'm even posting this makes this post ironic.  But I'm sure by now you've seen the video about stopping Kony.  Heck, maybe you've even ordered a trendy bracelet and shirt. I saw the video Tuesday.  And have noticed the whole thing on the news and others' blogs/facebooks. (How could you not). I'm feeling somewhat torn about this 'campaign'. It really is so horrible what is happening to the children in Africa . . . and it needs to stop.  But the campaign is so trendy . . . which was smart of Invisible Children (who made it). They are getting attention from 25's and under all over youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. I think what bothers me most is that (as with most trends) people will watch the video and that's it.  They take only the information from the video and decide to order the kit and become activists. (Which is great, way to feel like you're doing something to help someone). Maybe do more research though? See what has already been done to try and stop him? Is wearing a bracelet really the best thing you can do? I think the video has been successful in that it has gone viral.  But it really bothered me the way he used his son in the video to manipulate you. . . unnecessary. The situation is motivating enough without that. Read this article.  I think its good what Invisible Children are trying to do.  But it feels too much like a trend.  And trends don't last very long. (oh, should I use the word trendy one more time?)


  1. i'm an idealist by fault and got caught in the trap by feeling like doing something after the video. I googled something right after and came to one of the anti articles and couldn't believe how quick my opinion turned about it. but what genius--am i right?!

  2. thank you jenna. i feel the same way. i feel like this is just the 'cool thing' to do right now and within a week everyone will forget about it. agreed about the son part too. i'm such a sucker for things like that and i think it's important to just stick with the facts and not use manipulation to target our emotions. the whole situation is quite an emotional one to begin with. while i think it's awesome that people want to help i think it's super important for those people to really know what they're getting into. to fully research the topic and not just jump right in after a 30 minute video. while i value helping others in other countires, i also value helping those around us. i think we get caught up in doing big service things that we forget to serve those in our everyday lives.

  3. Yeah. I know what you mean. And, I probably shouldn't have an opinion, since I haven't watched the video. Sure, it's a trend. But as far as trends go, at least this one has a purpose. Obviously the problem is much deeper than a 30 minute video can give credit to, but it's working. I'd never heard of Joseph Kony, and now I have. I don't know. I am like you; I see a trend, and most of the time I try to run the other way. But in the world where everything has it's 30 seconds of fame, and then is forgotten, and least this is something with substance.