That white stuff

Nothin to report but snow. Last weekend. This weekend.

Last Thursday Sam texted me saying school was cancelled Friday in anticipation of the snow storm.  I thought it was odd to cancel before it even started snowing but I wasn't about to complain.
The storm came in about 6 o'clock Thursday night and it didn't stop snowing until Saturday morning! I have never seen a storm so big.  Sam's brother Ben rescued Prius-snowed-in-us from our apartment and we spent the weekend with them.  We built a pretty sweet sledding course with the girls and made Brook and Ellie the guinea pigs to test it out.

Once we'd had enough snow we played kinect sports.  Holy cow.  That game will wear you out . . . and make for really blurry pictures.

We had so much fun with the storm and endured school and work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until we were able to head up to Copper Mountain for the weekend Thursday night.  A classmate of Ben's let us stay at her slope-side cabin at the ski resort. This place was AMAZING.

our backyard:

On Friday and Saturday Sam, Ben, and I walked out the back door, put on our skis and hiked a few feet to the chairlift.  Friday we enjoyed the whole powdery backside of the mountain to ourselves.  We skiied hard for a few hours and had so much fun. 

Aside from skiing we ate lots of good food and a lot of dessert. We played plenty of rounds of Bananagrams, watched movies, played Kinect, canasta, sat in the hot tub, slept in, and Dena helped me make a rice bag to keep me warm.  

Saturday morning Ben announced that cat skiing was anticipated to open that day.  I set out on my skis with Sam and Ben planning on skiing with them to the cat location, then going out on my own. (After the previous day's skiing I was positive my legs couldn't handle much).  .  . But I deviated from the plan and joined them in the cat.  So glad I did.  It was awesome.  First time they'd opened that portion of the mountain this season!

Where we skied: 

The cat: 

look how thrilled we are:

On Sunday we went to church in frisco.  This was our view on the way to church.  I could get used to this . . . 

 After church Sam and I wanted one last excuse to be in the mountain air and enjoy the snow so we tried out the snow shoes his parents gave us for Christmas.  It was so fun walking on powder and not sinking!

It was definitely a stellar weekend that I'll never forget.  I was so grateful to be able to so fully enjoy the beautiful mountains God created.  They truly are awesome.  How could something be so big and majestic . . . and fun?  I really really love the mountains.  So . . . when can we go back?


  1. SO MUCH SNOW! i feel so deprived here in utah, which is weird because we usually have quite a bit of snow for ourselves.

  2. Welp, Chris said anytime... so how about Friday??? :)