Provo to Parker

I never thought I would say this but . . . I miss Provo.  Gosh, those three words together just don't look right.  I guess what I miss is the charming old houses in the old neighborhoods around campus, the bike and running routes I found myself on everyday, the mountains that were always so close, all the people walking everywhere, finding myself on campus inappropriately dressed for the sudden changes in weather, spending 3 hours just to do 2 baptisms because the temple is so crowded, spending hours in the BFA studios painting and listening to Harry Potter, waking up when it's still dark to swim at the field house, heading to Gold's Gym for spin class at 5 in the morning, walking through campus completely absorbed in what class was next or what homework I had. . .

I think often times we find ourself in one place and are dissatisfied.  We think only of the next step in life, and wish to be there already.  But what I'm learning is that you will miss it. Every stage of life has something wonderful about it that you will miss. So, while I miss all those things, I realize in a few years I'll miss where I'm at now.  Our small 1 bedroom apartment. Our first year of marriage. Girl's night with the med school wives. Teaching little kiddies to swim each evening. Sunday dinners with Ben and Dena and the girls. Mutual with the young women. The bike & running trail behind our apartment. Skiing at Copper Mountain. Grocery shopping at Sprouts. Taking Sam to school. Yoga at the rec center.  A quiet, child-less house with mornings all to myself. Sam's soccer games. I can't compare parker life to provo life because they are different.  Provo life was good and Parker life is good.  So rather than wishing one were more like the other, it's time to be grateful for the good here.

I'm learning and re-learning this concept.  And  I hope I can apply that learning by loving where I'm at;  By looking forward to the future, appreciating the past, and really involving myself in the present.

Ahead of me today: painting, work, and mutual.  And you better believe, I'm gonna enjoy it.


  1. that is seriously so true! i've been thinking about this a lot lately... especially with two months left in provo! and time goes by so quickly and soon enough you're leaving a place and I often haven't really appreciated where I was or what I was doing...

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)


  3. One of those lessons that is learned and relearned over and over. Although personally I can't say I miss anything about Provo :) I will miss the time here, even though most of the time I feel like I want to fast forward 5 years!

  4. I have been missing Provo recently too!! I was SO excited to move and we love it here too, but I've been learning to enjoy the moment more. :)

  5. this is beautiful and oh so true. i need to remember this wayyyy more often. you said it so perfectly!