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Christmas 2011 was our first Christmas as married people. So we had to get a real tree. And the day before we left for the holidays I decided we should take a picture and send out a Christmas card. We made it as far as the picture (which believe me was no small feet. We had to prop up the camera on a creative but makeshift "tripod", figure out lighting with my not so impressive point and shoot, and find a way to incorporate props for all we've accomplished this year . . . without looking tooo corny).
so . . . here it is. You'll have to hunt a little to find the following props:
Stethoscope: Sam started and finished his first semester of Med School at Rocky Vista University.
Birds: Topper for our wedding cake. We had the most amazing and perfect wedding in April.
Ski Passes: Sam was on ski patrol at The Canyons for the winter and I skiied powder for the first time!
Brown Tassle: I graduated from BYU in April (and really miss it). We figured this can also represent my final show since it didn't exactly work out to put a painting in the tree . . .

It was a good year! We love being married. We love Colorado. We love Med School. We love our ward. We love our apartment. And we love each other.
Merry Christmas (2 weeks ago)

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