Another sister?!

On Christmas Eve my brother-in-law Harry proposed to his girlfriend Sarah. Harry and Sarah (or Sarry and Harah as I always accidentally call them) are seriously one of the coolest couples I know. Harry is so easy going and Sarah is always up for anything. It's easy to stay in my comfort zone and deny the boys' pleas to charge down a powdery bowl, mountain bike down a rocky trail, veer out on a cliff in Yosemite, or climb up a steep rock in Fiery Furnace, but with Sarah there, bucking up and just doing it I have no choice but to kick my whimpy safe side and follow her lead. I'm so excited for their wedding in april and all the adventures ahead of us!

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  1. I know, now I really look like a huge wussy loser!! I'm gonna have to get more adventurous just to hang out with you guys!!!