Christmas part final: the Morgan's

I was so glad we were able to make it to both our families over the holidays. A couple days after Christmas we ventured out in Harry's 4runner and drove down to Salt Lake City. We met up with my parents, James, and my mom's brothers and sister at Maddox for some good food. While in Utah I reunited with my good friend Bandana who's been on an LDS mission the past year and a half. I'm sad we forgot to get a picture together. But we went and did Bikram yoga together three times while I was there and went on a double date with me and Sam and Bandana and her boyfriend. We spent time with my family ice skating at Gallivan center, seeing the lights at temple square, and making sushi at home.

We opened Christmas presents with my family. Holy cow. I couldn't believe them. My mom had told me they wanted to get us something we really need. Which was a computer. And they knew I wanted a mac. But I could not believe they got this for us. How spoiled we are. We looove it.

For new years we made pizza. The part ended pretty early in the night because Lily had to go to sleep (party pooper), James was headed out to some party, and we went up to Sam's parent's friend's house in Ogden where Sam's family was partying. Kim joined us and we spent probably a little too much time playing the dance game on kinect.

I had so much fun spending time with Lily while we were there. She is the cutest baby!

Betsy gave us a pleasant surprise and showed up at our house they day she got home from her mission!! So great to be reunited with two friends over the break!

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  1. these are adorable! sure love you guys! we miss you! wish we couldve seen you while you were here:(