Christmas part 2: The original Douglasses

For the first part of the break we flew to Idaho. I was really happy I got my pomelo through airport security.

We had a layover in Vegas (what a drag). When we landed there I looked at the clock on my phone. it was 645. I looked at our connecting flight. It departed at 7:15. Cutting it close, but we weren't too worried. Until it took a while to taxi to the gate and we didn't get off the plane until 7:00. I was sure our connecting flight would be close by. Not so. We had to take a train to another terminal. Then we had to run with all our luggage. For like half a mile. Worse thing ever. We got up to the gate and no one was in line to board. They already boarded! We rushed up to the lady at the desk and asked if the flight for Boise had boarded yet. She looked at us like we were idiots. "It's 6:15." She said. "It boards in 40 minutes." My phone hadn't taken into account the time zone change! I was sure they did that automatically! We felt like idiots. And were now sweaty. We rewarded our run through the airport by sharing a gross and expensive burrito. Needless to say we made our flight.

Online shop much? When we got to Sam's parents' house we had all the gifts we ordered for people waiting in our room. What a pile! We really didn't buy people THAT much stuff. Department of Goods and Amazon just found it necessary to ship each individual item in one box. . .

The 21st was Sam's dad's birthday and the 1 year anniversary of our engagement. Its tradition to always go skiing for Kurt's birthday. This time the girl's came. It was Ellie's first time skiing. We spent most of the time on the bunny hill. I was fine with it. The 2 runs we did make were freezing!

Christmas Eve at the Douglasses is amazing to say the least. Prime rib, a turkey, a ham, salads, cheeseballs, stuffing, potatoes, fruit, rolls, vegetable trays, and an entire table of desserts. And Sam's mom does it all. Not to mention, Harry and Sarah got engaged! So exciting.

We opened Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve as well. I was always sad my family never did this tradition. Good thing I married into one that did!

I helped Brook put together a tray of cookies for Santa. We also put out a cup of milk. And were wondering who drank it when we found it gone a couple minutes later. Until someone discovered a wet carpet under the table. Pretty sure Ellie tried to get at it. :)

Brook's note to Santa. Thanking Santa for her presents in advance.

Ellie in my boots.

Santa went a little over the top this year. Holy cow. Christmas morning we opened stockings then went to church, came home and spent most of the day opening presents.

It was so fun to give everyone their gifts and see what else they got. Dena's presents are by far the most creative and personal. All of them homemade. She made me this awesome rug from pinterest:

As well as this oversized scrabble board! We had a lot of fun playing . . . even thought the game got a little competitive and heated. Yeah, Scrabble. Sam kicked me off his team several times.

I absolutely loved Christmas at the Douglasses. I was sort of worried that it would be really hard not to spend Christmas with my family but it really wasn't bad! I was sad that I didn't get to see my brother Ben, who flew back to CA before we got out to Utah but we did get to facetime! I'm lucky that I married into such an awesome family that I love!


  1. We're lucky Sam married someone as totally awesome as you!!! Not that we were worried... okay maybe a little. Not that Sam isn't totally awesome himself, but in the past his girl taste has mostly involved girls who won't acknowledge my presence.... which bugs me.

  2. hahaha . . . um i have no choice but to acknowledge your presence . . . I live 20 minutes from you. But I'm so glad I do cuz we have sooo much fun!