A visit from the parents

Two weeks ago my parents loaded up the prius with all 24 of my paintings from my final show, my papasan chair, squash from the garden, apples from their tree, and homemade raspberry jam and drove out to Colorado. (Tell me how artists part with their paintings right after they finish them and leave them forever because I really missed mine the past three months.)

Their visit resulted in two trips to Costco (and consequently a fuller pantry and fridge than we've ever had), a stockpile of homemade cookies in the freezer, custom built shelves in our storage space (holy cow, thanks dad), and my kitchen rearranged by my mother. (just kidding mom, there were only a few things I had to hunt for after you left).

We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, we gave them a tour of Sam's school, my work, and the gallery I'll be interning at downtown in January. We ate at an amazing argentine restaurant downtown and introduced my parents to Blue Bell ice cream. We watched Fast Five (a horrible movie) as well as Arsenic & Old Lace (not a horrible movie-ahem-Cary Grant).

At the end of their visit I abandoned Sam and drove back to Utah with my parents (my mom convinced me with a promise to go shopping* and endless time with Lily). Going home was amazing. The mountains are more beautiful than I remembered and so is the valley, Lily got even cuter while I was gone and while I always thought I hated the gym, the amenities at Gold's Gym are bountiful in comparison to the "fitness center" at our apartment. Having meals cooked for you is always a plus too.
I spent my short time in SLC renewing my drivers license, shopping with my mom, playing with Lily, and eating Thai food with my family. Since I was there a couple days before my birthday I opened presents (new skiis!!) and my dad made me a lemon pie.
Bottom line: Family. is. everything. And I am so grateful for mine. Especially my parents.
here come the pictures . . .

*While I am NOT a person who loves shopping, I haven't gotten new clothes in a long time.


  1. Great post, but my favorite part is the fact that you posted boobs. :)

  2. I had to do a double take when I saw the boobs. So funny! (I'm so immature)

  3. ya. it's kind of weird that someone painted my rack.