Pinterest; noun; a tool that is progressively convincing me I'm not a DIY person

Last week Dena and I tried making these paint-dipped pine cones from pinterest. We experimented with the thickness of the paint and finally got it to a point where the pinecones looked really cool right after they were dipped because a littke brown showed through. We were really excited to turn them into garlands and use them as Christmas decorations. (Not to be put up until after thanksgiving of course . . .) By the time we finished dipping all the pine cones we noticed the big ones we started with seemed to be a lot smaller. As they dried (or uh, didn't dry) they shrunk more and more and paint started oozing out (I don't know from where). After a day they weren't any drier and continued to shrink. So, pinecone pinterest project: failure. But at least the girls and I had some fun collecting pinecones?

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  1. It wasn't a TOTAL failure... they are still kind of cute. And I think they are finally totally dry! Let's string them on something!