Coping Mechanisms

Even though Sam is in medical school, we find precious time to have fun around here. A little proof in pictures never hurt anyone . . .

Denver Circus: (Good job PETA protestors. I felt bad for the tigers all caged up)

(I've done a bad job at taking pictures of Sam and I instead of just what we are experiencing. So we tried to take one at the circus . . . in the dark. . . with a flash. Mistake.)

Free Day at Denver Botanical Gardens with med school wives: (um, wives not pictured . . . sorry)

Pumpkin patch with Ben & Dena + the girls:

Girls nights with the med wives. (I made these smore treats when I hosted). Thank You Pinterest.

Hikes with Dena + the girls while Ben & Sam mountain bike.

Taking full advantage of having Blue Bell in our local grocery stores.

Military affairs:

Coping with missing everyone not in denver by sending little leaf hearts.

One of my favorite things each week--Sunday dinner with Ben & Dena. Last week we went on a walk and played frisbee in a big grassy area. I would recommend catching frisbees rather than blocking them with your hand . . .

Dena re-created Applebee's 'blondie' dessert. Oh my gosh. Way too good.

I love Sam's soccer games each week. Even when he has to wear a 10 year old's jersey.

We are loving it here. One month until we see our families!

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  1. And lacrosse to boot! :)
    So... were you guys twins on purpose at the military affair? Love it when that happens!!!
    You didn't mention our super awesome trips to thrift stores!
    And I'm not opposed to changing art day if you really want to come. Just let me know!