20 dollar cereal

I haven't really made any new paintings since I got to Denver. I've continued a drawing/collage I started last summer and am almost done. But nothing new. I knew it would be hard to make art out of school without assignments or critiques or deadlines but I didn't know HOW hard. Maybe I've stalled a bit with a few projects but no harm in a little break right?
Anyway, Do you get overwhelmed and slightly annoyed by the DIY trend that is attacking everyone's blogs? Me too. But I'm sharing mine anyway . . .
Dena, Jo and I went thrifting (wow, I hate that verb and I'm using it) a couple times last week. I needed a chair to sit on while I paint instead of using a dining table chair so I got an ugly 5 dollar number and fixed it up with a little spray paint and fabric. Behold:

Also, my best friend ever (uh . . . besides Sam) is on a mission in Singapore. So I made her this little notebook . . . and sent her a box of her favorite cereal. Mind you, it costs 20 dollars to send a box of cereal and a notebook to Singapore. I really hope they make milk in Singapore so she can properly enjoy her 20 dollar box of cereal . . .

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  1. Hey Jenna!! The chair turned out AMAZING!!! I love it! Nice work, and I'm afraid you won't be able to escape the thrifting with Dena and I!