Pigeons, Breakfast in Bed and Icecream at Church

By the way, I moved to Denver. First weekend here was great. Sam and I had date night (something like our third ever ;) ). We went to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, then ate dinner at a Celtic restaurant (because, obviously, we are both of Celtic descent), and got frozen yogurt.

Sunday morning I woke up and Sam was gone. I figured he was in the living room studying. No. In he comes with breakfast on a silver tray. Wait, isn't marriage supposed to be hard or something?

THEN, after church, a member of the Stake Presidency came up to Sam and I and asked if we like icecream. Of course, we said yes. He then reached into his sunday suit coat pocket and pulled out two mini cups of blue bell ice-cream and two mini spoons. I will be going back to church this Sunday.

Denver is a magical place. (Don't worry. I love Utah. I can't talk about that though. I am not allowed to be homesick until I have been here for a month.)

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  1. I'm so glad you are loving it there!! :) It's kind of fun to move away, I think. And it just brings you closer to each other. Keep the posts coming!