embarrassing end to a great weekend

This weekend the mustangs obtained another victory in their flag football game . . .

We ran 3.4 miles for melanie. I got a pr! 24 minutes.

Got a new shirt at target . . .

Watched Boise State dominate and afterward went to Spoon It Up and manned the stick shift (for 40 seconds after which i got scared that i was going to wreck the car)

Now two funny stories. The first: Sam and I were driving past a car dealership with balloons. One of the lines of balloons had become unattatched and was hanging in the street. If I'd been driving I would have hesitated but Sam floored it through. I thought we'd made it through alive. Well we had. But then we notice behind us a trail of balloons. They had gotten stuck on the top of his car!!! so now we were driving around like a parade float laughing really hard.

Sadly we eventually lost the balloons.

Story two. Alright, so I have never had an answer to the question, "What is your most embarrassing moment?" Well after church today, I do. I drank a lot of water before church so naturally, I have to use the restroom. My roommates come in with me. We are having a conversation-who knows what about. I see the last stall. I see that the door to the last stall is cracked open. I walk into the last stall and begin closing the door. As I am closing the door, to my surprise I feel someone pushing me saying "excuse me!" I turn around and what have we? A girl, occupying the toilet. My roommates and I had to leave the bathroom because we were laughing so hard. . . for the next 15 minutes. I am still laughing.

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  1. and i am still laughing now. at work. in the quiet, quiet asb.