The White City

We recently visited my brother in Chicago. He teaches writing at The University of Chicago. I made Sam listen to The Devil in the White City on audiobook before we went and I think his highlight of the trip was when Ben took us to the archival library at U of C and showed us original photos, tickets, etc. from the World's Fair in Chicago.
     We visited the Art Institute of Chicago, The Bean, the Aquarium, Eataly, Navy Pier, and did the river architectural tour which I would highly recommend. Ben took us to an amazing Thai restaurant and Jenny's Icecreams (the best and maybe the most expensive ice cream I've ever had). And in case you can't tell from the photos, we were freezing the whole time. 40 degrees in Chicago is very different from 40 degrees in Utah.

We also visited Harry and Sarah who live near  Detroit. Harry works for Ford so we went to the Ford Museum which was HUGE. I'm really proud of us for making it through an entire Tiger's Game considering how cold it was. We had so much fun seeing these two. 

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