My husband is a doctor

       I'm so proud of Sam. He worked really hard the last 4 years. He never did the bare minimum but always exceeded what was expected of him. In addition to becoming a Doctor he also was commissioned as a Captain.
      I was so grateful for the support of our family. Nanette and Jared flew out for less than 24 hours for Sam's graduation. Considering how boring graduations are, that's support. 
      Our friends, Ally and Orrin were so kind to let us stay with them. I took Scout to SwimLabs where I used to work and she loved swimming in the pool. She accidentally went under a couple times and had no problem with it. 
      We had the most wonderful time in Colorado for Sam's graduation. I loved being back there because we love that state so much. I loved spending time with our med school friends and my former coworkers. There is just something in the air in Colorado (well besides pot). 

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