Scout is one!

We celebrated Scout's first birthday on Saturday. It was so much fun to get together with so many people who love her and have been a special part of her life. I made Scout a smash cake thinking she wouldn't care much about it. I was very, very wrong. I'll post the video soon. She went wild. (Which is funny because apart from the frosting the cake didn't actually have any sugar in it-I'll post a link to the website I got the recipe from). Thanks to everyone that came and showered Scout with love!

Taking Scout's monthly photos are getting progressively harder.

12 months! She weighs 19 pounds!

Sam and I made a video with photos and clips of Scout during her first year. I'll share that as soon as I can figure out how to.

Scout's aunties.

So happy her Grandma Susan and Grandpa Kurt could come down from Boise just for her party!

This is as good as it gets when you're trying to take a photo with three children under the age of 5.

She seriously could not contain herself. I think it was mostly because of the reaction she was getting from everyone and less about the cake.

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