This is 2013

If you looked at the unusually small amount of pictures taken on my phone since we got back from Christmas break you would think all I've done is eat a burger at Five Guys, put magnets on my fridge, paint a couple times, eat free ice cream at Jason's deli, see Les Miserable, freeze in -17 degree weather, act like an 8th grader at Target, pick up some books from the Library, and take screenshots of snap chat. The truth is, I've been way more productive than that. We totally caught up on all of Vampire Diaries (I'm admitting to watching this show for the first time on social media right now-Don't judge me. I still HATE twilight), I started teaching seminary again, cleaned the house and did laundry a billions times over, went to work, went skiing twice (and coveted the Utah snow we left behind), tried to focus for two Sundays through our new 2:00 church time, ended up working several extra shifts for an injured coworker, went to a friend's house for dinner, savored every bite of food containing gluten with the unrealistic fear that Tuesday's blood test for celiac will come back positive, held FHE where we wrote down our 2013 resolutions (one of mine is to not run-that's normal, right?), started going to a boxing class, bought plane tickets to NYC, and hosted a girl's night where only one person came. I feel like its been 2013 for over a month. . .You can now ask me why I took pictures of some of the boring things I did and not some of the more interesting things I didn't.

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