Blessing #2

     During college art was one of my highest priorities. I woke early, did my triathlon training, went to school, painted all day, went home, then did my art "homework".  It was easy to look into the future and say "I'm going to be a full time artist".
     Then I got married. And graduated. And moved out of state. And my responsibilities went from being a student to being a wife, cook, cleaner, swim instructor, young women's advisor, camp director, seminary teacher, and so on. It's been really easy to put painting on the bottom of my to do list and never actually get to it. And having to manage your time all on your own rather than have classes to attend is really hard. (kinda like how I was going to be painting right now and I'm blogging instead).   
     Anyway, I have been really critical of my efforts towards art since finishing school. But I have in fact painted since I got out here. I completed an internship at a gallery. And today I found out I got into a show that I applied to a few weeks ago. A competitive show. With jurors. Where my work will be for sale. Needless to say, I'm excited. Persevering is worth it. Especially when something is really hard. And even when you aren't doing as much as you expected yourself to.

The two pieces that got in:


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  1. Came across your blog via Little Girl in a Big world. I was in Gamma at one time too. I LOVE your two pieces that got into the exhibit. congrats!!! Did either of them sell?? Keep up your talent!