I went to Costa Rica again. This time without Sam unfortunately. Moral of the story: Don't fly american airlines. I won't go into the details. Just know it got really dramatic. Like delta-guy-yelling-at-me-to-board-the-plane-without-my-family-dramatic.
   Anyway, after 3 separate flights, 15 hours at the airport, and an overnight stay in Dallas we made it to Costa Rica. Nanette planned the itinerary. It was awesome.
We started our stay at Poaz Volcano where we got to see the crater that was the most beautiful opaque mint color.
Then we made our way over to Tortuguero where we watched sea turtles lay eggs on the beach and alligators swim around in the water.
We spent the last part of our vacation in Puerto Viejo eating local chocolate, hanging out at our rented house, snorkeling (yes, I, sharkaphobic, snorkeled), and walking through the national park watching monkeys swing in the trees. Lily can now do an expert howler monkey impression.


  1. No words (that I would post in a comment) to describe my jealousy.

  2. Memories for a lifetime!!! Costa Rica totally exceeded my expectations. Ready to go again!

  3. The only way it could have been better is if Sam and Ben had of been there with us.