hIM #2

1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13 mile run

 It was so much harder than the first. My swim was really good. After that it was all uphill (Literally). The bike was a lot hillier than I expected.  The downhill wasn't much of a break on the legs thanks to the terrible wind. A 15 mile stretch of long gradual uphill complete with a strong headwind did no favors for my legs. By the time I finished the bike I had no desire to run.  This never happens to me in a race. Usually I get off the bike and feel pretty good. The run was an interesting experience. In the beginning, running more than 20 seconds without stopping meant gasping for air and burning legs. Which resulted in a 3 hour half marathon. I'm pretty sure I did more walking than running. Luckily the course had support every mile on the run so I could poor water on my head and take a drink. Sam met me a couple miles from the finish and encouraged me along. I just felt frustrated that after training all summer and doing a lot of running, I couldn't run even 2 minutes without stopping! I stopped worrying about my time about 30 minutes into the run and just decided it didn't matter. What mattered was finishing. And I did. In a very long, hot, hard 7.5 hours. 
I was humbled by all the support I received from friends and family. My family face-timed the night before and wished me luck. Several friends came to the finish line. A couple friends left balloons on the door. Sam got me chocolate and an icepack to enjoy after the race and video-ed me on the go pro throughout the race. My seminary students made me cookies and a card. My work gave me flowers the following day. Thanks so much! This race was a learning experience for me--take in more than 300 calories the whole race or you will be walking at the end, don't mix to much gatorade powder with water or you'll get cotton mouth early on, do weight training so your muscles can handle curve balls like horrible wind, and train on terrain similar to the course!

Oh, I'll just climb out of this slip n'slide. Not like I don't have any leg strength right now. . .

No worries . . . I'll medal myself.


  1. Jenna! You look awesome. And you are ripped. I love it! Congrats on a finish to what sounds like a tough race. Those are the races you learn the most from. I love your attitude. You are so positive and such an inspiration. Keep up the good work! Believe me, we all have our hard races but you finished yours! And that's something to be proud about.

  2. You did awesome! We're glad we got to be there!