and the end drags on

     I knew it would be like this. The end would be the worst. Why is time like that? When you want it to go quickly, it won't. When you want it to last, it flies by.
     Sam has been in Texas at basic training for 5 weeks now. The first 3 weeks were great. I cautiously thought "Wow.  This is not as hard as I thought it would be. I can totally do this."
    And then, week 4 came. I went to Utah to visit my family.  Usually when I am there, Sam is there with me.  I didn't have my daily routine to keep my mind busy.  I had such a great time but near the end of my time there I kept thinking about how I needed to get back into my routine and get busy so I wouldn't miss Sam so much.
     I got home to my empty apartment in Colorado and after being with family all week felt really lonely.  It didn't help that we've had little communication over the past week due to him being in the field.
     But over the course of the last 5 weeks I've learned not to let those lonely moments last long. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I love the scenario that if all our trials were stones and we threw them in a big pile, we would immediately pick our own right back up. If my trials right now are having my husband gone and the weight of a challenging new calling on my back, I'm happy to bear them.
But I'm really going to love having my best friend back in 1 week.

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