Part 3: Puerto Viejo

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. We decided Costa Rica was our second honeymoon because in a week we'll have been married for a year. (woah).

We got our last views of the volcano in Arenal then headed out towards the Carribean cost. We passed lots and lots of banana plantations (dol monte, chiquita banana). We had chunky monkeys for lunch (and in our boredom (thanks to the paved roads) composed a song about them). Hey cow.

Puerto Viejo is a little surfing town south of Limon on the Carribean coast. It was absolutely beautiful. 

    We found a boat to take us home.  And a few wild horses wandering around the beach.

When we got to Puerto Viejo we immediately headed to the black sand beach, Playa Negra.

We were at a different hotel the 2nd night, Pura Vida. It was by far the nicest hostel we stayed in the entire trip. (The mosquito net did not help me).

The German lady that runs the hostel, Pura Vida suggested we drive towards Panama a few kilometers and check out the beach, Punta Uva. It was so beautiful. And there were hardly any people there. We spent all day reading and swimming. (Yes, I swam in the ocean. Where there are sharks. And I didn't even get eaten. And was only a little bit scared.) But while we're on the shark subject, a guy snorkeling on the reef a little ways down the beach came running to his girl friend by us saying he saw a 5 foot bull shark out there. Finally in a place where my fears are realistic. 

The town of Puerto Viejo had some good eats. Namely a place called Bread and Chocolate. We stopped in before dinner one night (because they close at 6:30pm) and were laughed at by the lady there because we ordered chocolate cake and a turtle sunday before dinner. (This is why the picture is blurry. I was already being made fun of just for ordering it). It was sooo good though. The ice cream was local, and all the chocolate, caramel, everything was homemade at the shop. We showed up again the next morning for an amazing breakfast.

Another dessert we enjoyed were some chocolate and butter and sugar crepes.

After soaking up a few more hours at the beach Friday morning we were sad to leave Puerto Viejo to drive 4 hours to San Jose.

Luckily in San Jose we were staying right next to a big park so we didn't have to feel so far removed from nature. The park was pretty neat. It had a soccer stadium, lap pool, skating rink, pond, track, volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, running trails. Sadly, there was trash EVERYWHERE though. And a lot of the courts and equipment were in bad disrepair. We saw this guy paddling the entire dock of paddle boats, boats, and a trampoline into the middle of the lake.

We ended our vacation with some amazing tacos at a Mexican restaurant, Las Mananitas, in San Jose.

We had so much fun in Costa Rica! Now to decide where we'll go next year, for honeymoon #3!!!


  1. I'm so jealous! Looks like you had SO much fun!

  2. That looks AMAZING!!!! I think everything is like 100x nicer than when we were there. And, um, sorry about the advice against a 4WD. But hey, you guys saved some money, didn't end up needing it, and have some great stories to tell!
    You guys should follow our footsteps and do Nicaragua next year. You'll love it even more!

  3. So glad you guys had fun. Even more glad you are back :) We missed you guys! Whatever will we do when we don't live close??? :( Can't think about it.