1 year

I meant to post this yesterday on our actual anniversary. No time. But this is what I would have said.

A year ago we got married here:

And ate amazing lunch here:

And we had an awesome reception:

And it was the best day ever. No really. While planning our wedding I was sort of stressed that I would be disappointed. I wanted everything to be perfect. The day was way more amazing than I could have ever imagined. The ceremony was incredible. The lunch was so delicious and people said such nice things. The reception was beautiful. The weather was in our favor. We had a good time. We did all the things people say you can't do at your reception. Like we ate. And didn't get tired. And my feet didn't hurt. And I didn't get bored of talking to people. And we enjoyed ourselves. It could have gone on for 5 more hours. It was so much fun. The perfect day to begin an awesome year of marriage.
People like to give advice before you get married. I didn't mind it. But for every time someone said it was great they also said "but its hard". After a year, I'm still waiting for the hard part. I'm not saying it's perfect. But hard is not the first thing I would tell someone. I would tell someone it is fun.  So much fun. But only if you marry someone really really great. Someone that will work really hard to make you happy and make you smile and make you laugh. Thats who I married. And that's why it has been so fun. I honestly can not believe its been 1 year since that spring day in April. Every time I hear our wedding song I feel a little piece of the joy of that day. Home is whenever I'm with you. I love you Sam. Happy Anniversary (yesterday).

We celebrated our anniversary mostly with food. I made Sam a man breakfast. (Hashbrowns, real bacon (something we have in our house twice a year) and cheesy eggs).

We went to a Mexican restaurant, La Sandia for lunch.

And ate dinner at Wasabi, a sushi restaurant. 

And we had some Martinelli's:

Sam got me this beautiful necklace that is my birthstone:

I kept a journal this past year of a nice thing he's done for me each day:

And we watched our wedding video.

photo cred: Casey Hyer
video cred: Ryan Hinman
(oh, if you're looking for a photographer or videographer, these guys are AMAZING).


  1. Wow! One year? I can't believe it is already one year! Congratulations! I hope this has been the best year of your lives! It was such an honor to be able to be there at the temple with you a year ago! Please tell me that you cheated and ate the top of the cake a very long time ago. Because if you just got it out of the freezer and ate it, it was probably as dry as a bone and as hard as one too! They really should turn that into a one month tradition! We love you! Howie :)

  2. that journal idea is the cutest thing ever jenna!

  3. K Jenna your wedding could not have turned out cuter!!! For one you and sam are the cutest couple. For two I loved the outside wedding reception! Was that in someone's backyard? And the food truck ah! For three your gorgeous. Four love the photobooth. Five that was a super awesome video. Six can you tell I love weddings! HA! Happy Anniversary :)

  4. i like that you wore one of your wedding colors on your anniversary...did you plan it? you guys are adorable and i love you and miss you!