On my mind

Cadbury mini eggs and platinum blonde hair.

I made a new years resolution that I would not eat candy. Not because I want to lose weight or anything like that, but because I ALWAYS get bad cankers from candy. So far it's worked. I haven't had one ounce of candy or one canker this year.
Denying candy hasn't been hard until after valentines day--when the stores put out Cadbury mini eggs. My absolute weakness.
Sam thought my goal needed to be more realistic so we decided i can have candy on holidays. We'll be in costa rica on Easter and you better bet I'm going to have my own bag of Cadbury mini eggs all to myself.
Now for the "resolution" I made in August. I decided I was done coloring my hair. But after 7 months I can't stand it. Now to find an affordable yet good hair stylist . . .


  1. ooooh girl. i love me some cadbury mini eggs. and i can not believe how much self control you have!!!! i tried doing the same resolution- no sweets, and it lasted me about ten minutes. and by ten minutes, i mean prob two days. no joke. i try, and i try. but i loooove sweets. but they make me feel sooo sick. and oh i wish i were a good looking blonde. i look so fake blonde. but you my love, are the hottest blonde around. i say go for the gold. dip that sexy head of yours in some good platinum.

  2. I don't know how you do it! I have to have my sugar-I am seriously impressed. Well i got my hair done at a beauty school and i was only like $30 and they did a really good job... minus having to be there forever. I know how you feel though, I always think I can just stop dying it and then i go crazy after a while.

  3. Dyeing your hair is what makes the world fun. Well, that and cadbury mini eggs. I can't believe you didn't eat one at our house- they were amazing- just so you know :)