So yesterday after my dr. appointment when I found out I had strep we went to Costco and got my prescription. . . And a few other things. Cuz, it's Costco.

Thank heaven they were sampling fage yogurt. And while I picked up my prescription Sam went to the food court for a hotdog and brought me back a berry icecream sunday.

Sam made me Annie's Mac & Cheese for lunch then went back to school and I slept.

Last night I was feeling loads better. I felt really bad that Sam got stuck inside all weekend taking care of me so I showered, put on makeup for the first time in over a week and we took the Prius out on the town.

I've really been wanting to try pho lately and there was a place nearby . It made me a little nervous when the waitress put my soup in front of me and told me to immediately break up the meat so the broth would cook the raw center. But it was really good! I wasn't the biggest fan of the loud pop music but the pho was good!

We went to lowes instead of home depot cuz it was just across the street. Don't ever go to lowes instead of home depot. We found what we were looking for at home depot then went to cold stone. Sam and I couldn't share icecream cuz I'm still contagious but we didn't each want a whole cup. So I used all the discipline in the world, held the icecream on the way home, and waited to try it till Sam split it into 2 cups haha. We ended the night with a movie we got for Christmas, Cinderella man.

It was such a good night. I haven't felt like talking or laughing or joking or flirting or smiling or eating or walking in the past 5 days. So, it was a nice change.
I woke up this morning and texted Sam, telling him I feel good, but I feel so weird. I figured out, that "weird" feeling is energy. Nice to have it back.


  1. Glad you posted your blog on FB because I knew it existed but had forgotten about it for a little bit. Now I'm offically following you so that won't happen again.
    PS. THE BEST pho is in West Valley. I know what you're thinking... but it's worth the risk of being shot. It's called Pho Green Papaya. Try it next time you're in Utah!