Spring Skiing

or . . . thats what it felt like this January. Months and Months ago my mom proposed we come out to Utah for a ski trip when Sam had a long weekend. (cuz we all know Utah snow is the best snow on earth). Little did we know, this winter would be a tragedy. Still no snow in January. We made the best of the passes my mom got us to the Canyons and the whole Morgan family (along with some Douglasses) met in the mountains for a day of skiing.

Sam and I had season passes to the Canyons last year. Arriving in the parking lot and seeing the mountain like this was devastating.

Look at all the brown?! My parents, James, Sam and I headed up on the gondola and took a few runs.

We met up with Harry and Sarah, and Nanette and Jared . . . and LILY! What a champ. Not even 18 months and she's already hitting the slopes. (not that she has a choice). That girl is going to have an awesome life.

First time on a chairlift!
We stopped at the sun(something) lodge for lunch. mmmmm...sweet potato fries.

It definately wasn't your average ski day:
1. Lily on Jared's back in the ergo-baby
2. no snow
3. Tolerating a snowboarder (jk nan :) )
4. Buying lunch at the resort (rather than brown bagging)
5. The whole family skiing together (except Ben :( )

It was sooo much fun. So glad Utah is getting snow this weekend!

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